Our Pilots

Line Pilot

Taylor started at Air Kaikoura in October of 2016 after completing a Diploma in Aviation at Ardmore Flying School. He has been flying since he was 14 and has worked in several different areas of the aviation industry. He really enjoys flying around Kaikoura’s stunning landscape and is set to complete his C-Cat instructor rating in the near future.

Line Pilot & C - Cat Instructor

Shannon started with Air Kaikoura in November 2015. He has been flying since he was 13 and has over 500hrs experience. Shannon enjoys showing people what Kaikoura wildlife has to offer. Shannon is also the proud owner of an Auster J5F ZK-BCK which he is currently restoring.

Chief Pilot, A - Cat Instructor & CAA Flight Examiner

Alistair has been helping the Kaikoura Aero club for over 20 years, and he holds the position as our Chief Pilot. Alistair is also an A Category Instructor and he is involved in all our flight testing and pilot renewals. He has worked for various companies here in New Zealand and over seas, and brings a great deal of experience and expertise to our organisation. He currently flies for Life flight and also works for Flight test New Zealand.

Senior Pilot & B - Cat Instructor

Murray has completed over 7000 hours flying with approximately 4000 whales flights making him Kaikoura’s most experienced fixed wing pilot by far. Murray spent 5 years flying for an Airline in Australia and holds an Air transport pilots licence, he is also a B category Instructor. Safety is our number one priority and with Murray’s experience, you can be assured that you will be in the best of hands.

Line Pilot & C - Cat Instructor

​Matt joined Air Kaikoura as a full time pilot in Sep ’14 after completing his training at Nelson Aviation College. Since then he has completed over 1000 hours of whale watching and instructing.

Our Fleet

The newest addition to our fleet. A Eurofox Light Sport Aircraft. 100hp, only weghing 300kg and a full glass cockpit means it is great fun to fly. Awesome short field and climb performance.

The newest edition to our fleet, purchased by the club at the end of 2014 to help us carry more passengers out to see the whales. It is capable of carrying 7 people and is used primarily for Whale Watching and Scenic Flights. Can also be hired for Charter and with a cruise speed of around 135 Kts, Wellington and Christchurch are only about 45 minutes away.

Piper Cherokee four seat aircraft. It cruises at 120 Kts and is used mainly for whale watching. Can also be used for charters and cross-country flying. A really great, stable aircraft to fly.

Cessna 150’s are one of the most produced planes ever in the world (almost 24 000 were built). It is a two seat aircraft and is extremely stable and easy to learn how to fly, making it the perfect training aircraft. It cruises at 85 kts and is used for the majority of students training up to their Private Pilot Licence.